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و صلی الله تعالٰی علٰی سیدناو مولانا محمد و اله و صحبه اجمعین امین و الحمد لله رب العٰلمین
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Naat Lyrics >>Muhammad Nabina in English

Muhammad nabina

Binuru atina

Min Makkah Habibi nuru sata' aal Madinah

Min salla Salatu, wet'hala bsifatu

Ya bakht elli fdhelou mechi, yechfa'alu fimamatu

Muhammad our prophet guides us with his light

From Makkah, O Beloved his light was glowing over Madinah

He who prays his prayers and tries to imitate his attitudes

Oh how lucky he is who walks in his presence

And gains his intercession after death

Ya Imamna ya Ameen

Ya sanad lil muslimeen

Ya Habibi ya Muhamad ya Ibn Abdullah.

Tammet irrisalat tamam, wel Habib Misk Elkhitam

Tul hayati wfslati bad'i assalli warah

Oh our Imam, the trustworthy One

Oh guardian & support to all Muslims

Oh my beloved Muhammad , the son of Abdullah

You completed the prophecies completely

And the Beloved One is the sweetest seal (of the Prophets)

Min awel youm fi o'mri, seme't abuya wommi bisallu aalih

Allah umma salli aalih

Habbibni fil Iman, hassesni bil amen, we t'ala't bih

Allahuma salli wasallem wabarek aalih

Allahuma salli wasallem wabarek aalih

Nefsi achufak fil manam... ya Rasulallah.

waabki aala kitfak wanam... ya habiballah.

wanul charaf lu'a sohbitak

wakhatti fi sfuf ummitak

wat'hama fik

Throughout all my life and in my prayers, I make a supplication to pray behind him [in the next life]

From the first day in my life that I heard my mother and father praying upon him

He endeared faith to me, granted peace to me & made me love him

Oh Allah send blessings & peace upon him

Oh Allah send blessings & peace upon him

I wish to see you in my dreams, O Messenger of God

And I cry on your shoulder & sleep there, o Beloved of God

And I attain honor with your accompaniment

And I walk among the ranks of your Ummah

And I am protected by you

Ya Habibi ya Taha, ya nagat mel mataha

Ghayart edonya fi I'inina bin lila wdhu'haha

Min salla Salatu, wet'hala bsifatu

Ya bakht elli fdhelou mechi, yechfa'alu fimamatu

Oh Beloved, o Pure One, you who had survived the maze

You changed the world in our eyes between a night and its morning [referring to the night journey]

He who prays his prayers and tries to improve his attributes

How lucky is he who walks in his shadow

And adds to him with his death


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Jazak'Allah! You have done a great job. May Allah bless the writer of these beautiful words.

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